Episcopal Campus Ministry Students at Chapel Rock Arizona

About Us


It's dangerous to go alone. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Even if we don't understand each other, that's not a reason to reject each other. There are two sides to any argument. Is there one point of view that has all the answers? Give it some thought. We are all just stories in the end... just make it a good one, eh?

We want to get to know the God that you believe in... In all probability we don't believe in the God you don't believe in either. The Episcopal Campus Ministries of Arizona are dynamic places filled with people you might expect to find in church, and a lot of people one would not expect to find there. We think there is a lot about Christianity that can transform our lives for the better. We think that there is a lot about Christianity that needs to be transformed by your life for the better. Our communities are seeking to be transformed by your story and be a part in transforming your story.

Only about a quarter of the people we hang out with come from the Episcopal Church, and only about another quarter are taking part in our worship and finding out what a relationship with Jesus Christ in the midst of the Episcopal Church might look like. A good half of our compadres on campus are from other faiths, or no faiths, and are just individuals looking for a friend to throw an idea at, a student who needs to take a deep breath over a cup of coffee, or a friend who needs a place where they know they can just be who they are.

Like every community we struggle with issues of racism, sexism, heterosexism, cissism, classism and the rest... We know we are not getting things right and all of us need to learn more on all these fronts. We are committed to this learning, and being part of the network on our campuses overcoming systems of oppression. If you are doing this work then we want to work with you.

So check us out... come for worship and share at the Table Jesus Christ has prepared for all, come for coffee and tell us exactly how the Church has messed up the world, give us a shout out to join with you in creating safer and diverse campus communities.