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New beginnings, strengthening relationships.

As of August 2017, Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry in Flagstaff and NAU Lutheran Campus Ministry have entered into a shared ministry agreement for the 2017-2018 academic year. In this agreement, Brad Eubanks, the Episcopal Campus Chaplain for Northern Arizona University, will serve as chaplain for both groups, working with Cari States-Codding, the LCM Program Coordinator, in a shared model as a shared staff for both ministries. This year, while we will technically remain separate entities, we will have one experience on the ground, functioning as LCM|Canterbury. For more information, we invite you to read this letter --->. 

Letter from Episcopal Canterbury Board explaining ecumenical agreement


So...what’s a Canterbury?

WELL LET ME TELL YOU: Canterbury is this super cool and amazing group here in Flagstaff that is specially fit for young adults looking for a community of people who are just trying to figure it out! There is indeed free food if you were wondering (maybe we should have opened with that…), but most importantly, it’s a safe place to ask questions about faith or life, find new friends, and experience some amazing adventures!

Canterbury is a place where you can be free to be yourself! We have events every week all school year: like our Sunday Worship and Dinner starting at 6:15 PM, Wednesday Vespers at 6:30 PM, and four different retreats are just a few examples! Come join us! All are invited, All Are Welcome, All Are Celebrated!

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The Chaplain

Brad Eubanks

Chaplain Brad Eubanks

Brad Eubanks came to the Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry in Flagstaff in October of 2013. He grew up in Missouri City, Texas, a strangely named suburb of Houston (ask him sometime if you want to know why it’s named that). As cradle Episcopalians do, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Lutheran University in Theology/Youth Ministry, minoring in Psychology, with a Certificate in Leadership Studies. He then went on to receive a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education (Counseling and Guidance) from Texas State University.

Read More about Brad here.

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Stories from Canterbury

Why is Canterbury important?

Pilgrimage is one of the most important parts of many people’s spiritual lives. Many people go off to Spain, Ireland, or France to complete these pilgrimages. Some people go to the Holy Land. Some go to England.

One of the most important components of many English pilgrimages is Canterbury, England. It has been for centuries. Many know about the ancient pilgrimage to Canterbury from the Canterbury Tales. Some know of the pilgrimages to Canterbury that happen today, such as the one that one of our freshmen this year just completed.

Canterbury is a famous destination for pilgrimages, but many don’t know it is also an origin. One of the largest pilgrimages in the world is Spain’s Santiago de Compostela; and for many in England, Canterbury is the starting point for this spiritual journey.

And then some go to college for their pilgrimage. And that is why Canterbury Flagstaff exists. We are many students’ origin, and many students’ destination. And for some students, we are just a stop on the way. Regardless of where on the journey a student is, we are here and ready to welcome them with open arms.

Check out what Canterbury means to some of our students below!

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What do we do?



Sunday 6:15 PM

Dinner and Worship at

The Neely Chapel
319 S. San Francisco St.
(2 blocks north of the HLC)

Wednesday 6:30 PM

Dinner and Vespers at

The Campus Ministry Center
500 W. Riordan Rd.
(little blue building behind the Cline Library)



Retreats replenish the mind and soul, like a spa but for your spirit, a reconnection with your spirituality with a side of fun and laughter. We have four of them:

La Jolla

At the beginning of the beginning of the year, we join our Lutheran siblings across Arizona for a retreat to La Jolla, California on Labor Day Weekend. To find out more, click here.

Chapel Rock

This is a retreat for College Students and Young Adults from Arizona and beyond. We will gather together for meditative worship throughout the day while providing plenty of time to decompress and relax. The next Chapel Rock retreat will be held from November 10th-12th. To find out more, click here.


January 26-28, we will be going on a retreat with our Lutheran siblings from ASU and UofA. We'll be spending the weekend in Christ Lutheran Church, which is in Sedona. During the weekend, we will get to know our fellow students better, have spiritual discussions, and go on a hike. Folks of all faiths and of no faiths are welcome. Departure and return times are subject to change.To find out more, click here.

Provincial Gathering

The next regional gathering of Episcopal Campus and Young Adult Ministries west of the Rocky Mountains will be in Tucson, Arizona from April 6th to April 8th. We are hosting the retreat this year so there are also many volunteer opportunities available. It will be a great time and will be readily accessible for people of the Diocese of Arizona. To find out more, click here.

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Help us out

We need your help

We need prayers.

We need help making Canterbury a home for all.

We need help funding this amazing ministry and building.

Although we are now in possession of a new building, this building is not completely paid for. We need help paying back a generous loan given to us by the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona to ensure that this facility is able to be a place of pilgrimage for all students to come.

We need you.

Whether it is donating your time and energy to the ministry and upkeep of the building, or assisting in the funding of the building and ministry. It all comes down to you. This is your campus ministry, and it couldn’t happen without you. Thank you for all of your support in this: past, present, and future. You make this ministry what it is.

Will you join us in the Canterbury Challenge?

To send us a check,
please make checks out to "Canterbury Flagstaff" and mail to

Canterbury Flagstaff
319 S. San Francisco Street
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Thank you for your help.
This is your campus ministry, and it couldn't happen without you!

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A ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, we nourish the souls of students and young adults by cultivating a community of wisdom, prayer, sacrament, and mindful action to support minds and hearts full of wonder.

Contact Us

  • Canterbury Flagstaff
  • 319 S San Francisco St
  • Flagstaff, AZ 86001
  • Brad's Telephone: 830-433-7858
  • Chaplain Brad's Email