Who and what are our Chaplains?

Chaplains are heroic avatars of God's grace upon the injustices perpetuated upon our campuses of higher education... or at least that is what we like to tell ourselves each morning before we put on our make up. In some small way we actually do live into that description, but it is not as flashy as it sounds. We are not here to guilt you into going to church, though we will help you find a worshipping community if you are keen on the idea. We are not here to check how in line you are with Anglican Orthodoxy, though we are happy to have the conversation of wether or not such even exists. We are not here to be hinder your self exploration and expression, though we will be glad to be a safe sounding board as you go about self discovery.

Chaplains are here to be a somewhat grounded adult in your safety network as you navigate the ups and downs of university existence. There is not any expectations on you for seeking us out. If you have not been to church in three years, if you have never been to church in your life, it does not matter. We will be glad to sit down, have a talk, and find out how we can help you with whatever you are facing.

Each of the Episcopal Chaplains in Arizona have committed themselves to serving every student regardless of their race, sex, sexuality, gender expression, or any other classification. We strive to educate ourselves on these issues so that you, the student, do not have that burden when talking to us. Having said that we also know that we will continually need to overcome our own ignorance and ask that you will aid us in understanding who you are and what that means if we initially fail to understand. We hope to be companions on your journey and while you learn from us to also learn from you so that we might better serve every student we meet.

Ben Garren

Chaplain Ben

Ben started his life in North Carolina and grew up believing he would follow his father and grandfather in the field of Agricultural Science... even going so far as to get a BS in Chemistry. When he was one lab class away from finishing his degree he found himself energized by a different set of questions, ones that focused not on the unknown but the unknowable. Thus he started a series of adventures, over several continents and countries, that brought him to ordained ministry in the Episcpal Church.

He is rather a big fan of out of the box thinking, not believing in the god you don't believe in either, and radically inclusive and transformative communities that lead all towards God's Truth.

Drop him an email to talk about life, the universe, and everything... he does not have a better answer than 42, but would be glad to help anyone discover the next pressing set of questions.

[Note you can also email him to talk about Marvel Comics, Dr. Who, hiking and climbing, gaming, LGBTQ history and advocacy, Victorean/Steampunk sensibility, tea, or any other of a wide range of topics.]

Chad Sundin

The Reverend Chad Sundin, OSBCn is the chaplain for Chaplain for Episcopal Campus Ministries at ASU in Tempe and also serves as the Vicar of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Parish at the corner of College and Broadway, which hosts ECM at ASU.

Fr. Chad is a Benedictine canon and the founder and Prior of the Community of St. Mary of the Annunciation, a religious community open to women and men, laity and clergy, single and married people in the Diocese of Arizona. The contemplative nature of Benedictine spirituality, with its focus on prayer and hospitality, is infused into Chad’s ministries as Chaplain and Vicar.

Chad is married with three boys, one in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary school.  He has lived in Tempe off and on for most of his life and has been involved with Episcopal Campus Ministries at ASU since 2005. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Lynchburg College in Virginia and a Master of Divinity from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. For good measure, he also earned a diploma in recording arts during his years as an aspiring record producer and recording artist. Music is still an integral part of his life and ministry.

Chad considers it a joy to walk alongside the many souls who call ASU community their own. Please do not hesitate to contact him by email (csundin@asu.edu) or by phone (480-242-3861) at any time.

Brad Eubanks

Brad Eubanks

Brad Eubanks came to the Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry in Flagstaff in October of 2013. He grew up in Missouri City, Texas, a strangely named suburb of Houston (ask him sometime if you want to know why it’s named that).  As cradle Episcopalians do, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Lutheran University in Theology/Youth Ministry, minoring in Psychology, with a Certificate in Leadership Studies. He then went on to receive a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education (Counseling and Guidance) from Texas State University.

Brad is married to the amazing, the marvelous, Rachel Eubanks-Rhoades, who works at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  Together, they are parents to two adorable felines, Scarlet and Lotus.

This is Brad’s seventh year in college ministry, and his fourth at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.  Although always a Texan, since his arrival here in Arizona, he has worked “diligently” to build a warm and welcoming spiritual community for his students (We all know he’s happier here anyways).

Brad loves working with the students, faculty, and staff of Northern Arizona University, and considers it a privilege to be called their chaplain. Please do not hesitate to contact him by email at naucanterburychap@gmail.com or by phone (call or text) at 830-433-7858.

Charles Newman

We are yet to distill Charles Newman's awesomeness to appropriate paragraph form. Please be patient while we attempt containment.