Our History

Canterbury Cathedral

The Pueblo, Hohokam, Mogollon, Patayan, and Sinagua peoples were the first to worship the sacred in Arizona. For thousands of years before the arrival of European Christians this land was home to a rich heritage of indigenous cultures and beliefs. The Episcopal Campus Ministries enter into this rich cultural heritage only in the past century, and do so amidst the privilege of Christian Hegemony that has oppressed, at points with deadly force, the indigenous people.

Soon after the founding of each of the major public universities in Arizona the church felt a call to ensure the spiritual needs of Episcopal students were being addressed and appointed chaplains to gather students and coordinate worship and formation opportunities. At the start these ministries were often lead by exceptional lay women taking up one of the few calls to active ministry leadership the church afforded them at the time. Eventually these ministries would be served by a combination of both lay and ordained ministers.

In the past few decades the focus of Episcopal Campus Ministry has expanded beyond providing service solely to students of Episcopal backgrounds and become centered on providing spaces of spiritual discernment, pastoral care, and advocacy for all students regardless of world view, race, sex, sexuality, gender expression, or class. This is done amidst traditional worship in the Anglican tradition and in accordance with the canons, constitutions, and resolutions of the Episcopal Church.

We hope you will help us write the next chapter in the history of Episcopal Campus Ministry within Arizona as we continue to strive to be the bearers of God's grace and mercy to the students of higher education throughout the state.