Trinity|ASU in Phoenix

Episcopal Campus Ministry in Phoenix, AZ

Episcopal Campus Ministry in Phoenix, AZ


We are in the beginning stages of creating a new community for college students in Downtown Phoenix. To join the conversation, contact Fr. Robert!


Trinity|ASU is a campus ministry sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We are based out of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral at Central and Roosevelt.


Trinity|ASU is not simply for students in the Episcopal Church, but anyone who seeks to ask questions, explore various expressions of Christianity, and deepen their own life of faith and service to God and to neighbor.


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Trinity|ASU seeks fruitful dialog and partnerships with various faith traditions represented on campus.

Open and Affirming

Trinity|ASU offers a radical welcome to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Straight persons, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, class, ability, economic, or educational status.


Trinity|ASU seeks to not merely admire Jesus, but to imitate Jesus. We do this through performing acts of compassion, seeking social justice, and building stronger bonds of community. We seek to find the proclamation of the Gospel particular to this time and place.


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The easiest way to find out what we are doing is to check our twitter and join our email list. Email to be added to the list.

You can also check out Twitter for the latest news on events!

Sundays at Trinity Cathedral

8:00 AM
Holy Eucharist (said)

Eucharist is the Greek word for thanksgiving. At the Eucharist we give thanks for Jesus’ gift of himself in the form of bread and wine as spiritual food for the baptized.  The 8:00 a.m. Eucharist is a traditional said service with a sermon but no hymns. It captures the reflective and meditative feel of the early morning.

10:00 AM 
Holy Eucharist (choral)

The Eucharist is structured around the actions of taking, blessing, breaking, and sharing the gifts of bread and wine as the body and blood of Christ. The 10:00 a.m. Eucharist is a solemn and choral service. Many portions of the service are sung by the clergy and congregation as led by the Cathedral’s choir. Anthems from the long choral tradition of Anglican Church music are featured.

12:00 PM 
Misa en Español

This Spanish language Eucharist, with exuberant Mariachi music, forms the focus of the worship of the Cathedral’s La Trinidad Community. It is a wonderful expression of our diversity as the rich vibrancy of Latino celebration.

4:00 PM 
Choral Evensong (As Announced)

This is the traditional sung service of evening prayer comprising psalms, readings, hymns and anthem. Evening prayer is part of the Daily Office, the formal prayer of the church regulating each day. Choral evensong captures the rhythm of the arrival of evening. This beautiful service is the high point of the Anglican choral tradition of worship.

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The Chaplain

Chaplain Robert Berra

Fr. Robert Berra has served as the Episcopal Campus Chaplain for ASU Polytechnic for over three years before coming to the Downtown campus. Immersed in the campus community, Robert lives on campus with his spouse, Laura, and son, Colin.

Robert left the Southern Baptist Convention in his teenage years, and after a period of wavering between agnosticism and Deism, he returned to Christianity and was confirmed in the Episcopal Church in his mid-twenties.

Before completing his seminary studies at Yale Divinity School in 2013, Robert earned an M.A. in Religious Studies from ASU, with emphases in Christian ethics, the relationship between violence and religion, and the relationship between religion and the secular.

Seeing a Chaplain

Chaplains serve a number of spiritual and sacramental needs for the campus community. A short and incomplete list of the things a chaplain may help a member of the campus community with include:

grief counseling
questions about faith
social justice work
theological questions
visiting the sick
discernment of vocation

living in community
spiritual and life crises
supporting prayer life

weddings and marriage
conflict resolution
...and many more.

One’s spirituality is best served when it is integrated into the rest of the person’s life. Striving for the integration of all aspects of one’s life fosters the wholeness for which we are created. Chaplains offer to the campus community a listening ear, seek to help individuals integrate their study and life with their faith, and strengthen one's relationship to God. Chaplains equip individuals and communities with the tools to continue their life of faith and explore the deep questions of life.

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A ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, we nourish the souls of students and young adults by cultivating a community of wisdom, prayer, sacrament, and mindful action to support minds and hearts full of wonder.

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