ECM in Tucson

Episcopal Campus Ministry in Tucson, AZ

Episcopal Campus Ministry in Tucson, AZ


The ECM at the University of Arizona gathers throughout the week for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. Every Sunday in term we meet at 6:00pm to celebrate the Eucharist and share a meal, graciously provided by local Episcopal parishes. On Wednesdays we meet at 7pm in front of Gentle Ben's for Thirsty (a)Theology, a time where the ECM picks up the appetizers and we gather, and bring possibly controversial friends, to have intentional conversation where we hope to learn to disagree better.

The Chaplain, Ben Garren, is available throughout the week for one on one discussion with students on issues of religion and life in general. We strive to be an inclusive community that is open to being transformed and transforming others towards a life with Christ. The journeys of individuals from every race, class, sexuality, gender expression, and (a)religious background are neccesary for our authentically growing in our own faith as a community.

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What do we do?


6:00 PM

Every Sunday during the school year we gather to spend time with God and one another. The worship service starts with readings from the Bible, after which we reflect and pray. The center of the service focuses on community as we share bread and wine in the custom handed down from Jesus of Nazareth.

The service starts at 6pm at the Campus Christian Center (715 N Park Ave). All are welcome.

7:00 PM
Community Dinner

Each week a local parish brings dinner for area students. You are encouraged to come and join our fellowship even if you do not join us for worship. There is a good chance we might enjoy your company more than some who showed up for worship. So if it is Sunday night and you need a bite to eat around 7pm we would love to see you.


9:30 AM
Meditative Eucharist

This is a very simple Eucharist Service where participants can catch their breath amidst the busy life of academia. With time for quiet, biblical reflection, and a eucharistic moment. We meet at the Little Chapel for All Nations, 1401 E 1st St.. Please come and help us find our center and grounding in a busy world.

7:00 PM
Thirsty (a)Theology

Have some question about life the universe and everything? Is the answer 42 simply not getting you anywhere? Then come bring it to Thirsty (a)Theology and breach it amongst friends and maybe even bring a friend to help us sort it out. This is a time for intentional conversation over appetizers at Gentle Ben's. The ECM covers the appetizers and people often pick up dinner, and beverages, on their own tab. Hope to have your questions, and answers, whatever they might be at the table.

8:30 PM
Dungeons and Dragons

Is this a week where you need to kill some orcs, take out a kobold, or maybe even slay a dragon? Well we will give you that chance, on pen and paper with some serious dice rolling. We run an easy walk on and walk off campaign, we always have some premade characters ready, and its a great place to try out table top RPGs for the first time. Just as a warning, we often get a tad unseemly. Join us at the Campus Christian Center, 715 N Park Avenue, in the conference room turned dungeon of despair. 


Retreats give us some time and space to relax, play, and enjoy life. They are also a time to step outside our regular, busy schedules to reflect on our life, and connect more deeply with one another and God.

Read more about retreats here.

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Chaplain Ben Garren

Ben started his life in North Carolina and grew up believing he would follow his father and grandfather in the field of Agricultural Science... even going so far as to get a BS in Chemistry. When he was one lab class away from finishing his degree he found himself energized by a different set of questions, ones that focused not on the unknown but the unknowable. Thus he started a series of adventures, over several continents and countries, that brought him to ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.

Ben is regularly around and about campus, though only occasionally in his office. One can often find him at The Scented Leaf, where he does most of his work. Feel free to Email him and set up a time to meet. If you do swing by his office and he is not there further contact information is on his door. He is always up to grab coffee, tea, or lunch for serious, or not so serious, conversation.


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A ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, we nourish the souls of students and young adults by cultivating a community of wisdom, prayer, sacrament, and mindful action to support minds and hearts full of wonder.

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  • Christian Campus Center at the UofA
  • 715 N. Park Ave
  • Tucson, Arizona 85719
  • CCC Telephone: 520-623-7575
  • Chaplain Ben's Email

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